«For exemplifying phrase “Bad decisions” we wanted to show that sometimes a simple action, in a particular moment, might chase you during long time. We work in a vector format showing a sticky texture; sometimes bad decisions are hard to take off from you. We think that an error may have an expensive price if you don’t have the tools for fixing it up.»»

Antídot Gràfic is a multidisciplinary study formed by graphic designers from the Eina art and design school.  It was founded in 2013 at Barcelona’s Gracia neighbourhood, fast evolving and enlarging its customer base. It should be noted Finalist Prize in BBK Live 2014 contest and First Prize in Facoelche poster workshop contest 2014. They are the actives of “Reactiu” that collaborate in the making of campaigns for social projects for free.

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  • Bossa 'Malas decisiones' d'Antídot Gràfic per Printing Freedom
  • Oriol Porta i Roger Flaquer, fundadors de l'estudi de disseny Antídot Gràfic
  • Bossa 'Viure sense sirenes ni recomptes' d'Ivan Castro per Printing Freedom
  • Ivan Castro ha col·laborat il·lustrant una de les reflexions del projecte Printing Freedom


«This illustration is a calligraphic interpretation of the phrase “Viure sense sirenes ni recomptes” (in English, to live without sirens or re-counts), made with paintbrush and ink on paper, without any image. The concept behind the phrase is freedom. What I have done is to translate this idea to the shape of the letter, made with a tool, a paintbrush, that brings an expressive and gestural trace in a natural way. Beside, when performing the writing, I avoided the height, thickness or tilt of the letters follow any kind of pattern, getting in this way a result more heterogeneous and dynamic.»

Iván Castro was born in Sant Boi at the late 70s, and since he was a child he shows a rare interest over the letter’s shapes, painting gothic and S of Superman here and there. Thirty years after, he earns a living doing the same more or less. He combines his life on the study of Sant Boi, where he works for everybody as a calligrapher and letter drawer, with teaching in schools as Elisava, Bau or La Massana. He shortly shall publish the book “The ABC of Custom Lettering”, a manual about calligraphy and lettering in the Korero Press from UK.

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Born in Santiago de Compostela in 1986, he lives and works in Barcelona, graduated in Fine Arts by University of Vigo in 2009.

In his pieces he likes to play with the singularity of comic culture, the making of paintings mixing cartoons with a more traditional style (realistic drawing). The result consists in an imaginary world with influences of pop art, realism and surrealism. He performs his pieces using several techniques: oil painting, graffiti, vinyl and vector drawing with Adobe Illustrator.

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  • Bossa 'Esto es de paso' de Denis Galocha per Printing Freedom
  • Denis Galocha. Il·lustrador col·laborador del projecte Printing Freedom.
  • 'Buscant la sortida', d'Iván Bravo. Bossa de tela serigrafiada a una tinta. Col·lecció Printing Freedom
  • Iván Bravo. Il·lustrador col·laborador del projecte Printing Freedom.


«My illustration is inspired by the sight of sky (metaphor of freedom) through the bars of window’s jail. Then the sky gets fragmented. This picture wants to invite to get these sky fragments for obtaining entire freedom. It sets a game but also an active attitude of the imprison one to change his situation and get reintegrated.»

Iván Bravo is illustrator and graphic designer (Elisava). He has worked for TV3, Coca-Cola, European Union, Sabadell Banc or doing illustration, mural and animation. He loves to travel among the concept and the humour. He thinks that every bracket can contain images, but these can be related intimately and lucidly. His work, displayed on several towns of Europe and USA, has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators 56, AOI 2015 and 2013 (shorlists), APIC 2013, Laus silver 2012. Since 2010 he’s a teacher of the Illustration master of IDEP.

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«As the illustration, the message is hard and cold. We must to keep off of associating woman’s image with fragility and see the reality in which these people are living. Life is a sum of good and bad decisions, and each of us have seen themselves in circumstances that could have changed the drift of our lives. It all depends of the tools one has, and at the end, we are all equals and deserve a new beginning.»

“The illustration is inspired by actuality, in all that we are living and in that we forget and refuse to see. It’s real, it’s happening, and this is the moment of being human again.”

  • nosomostanmalascolaboradors
  • Neuza Vasconcelos. Il·lustradora Printing Freedom
  • Bossa 'Mi vida no es ésta' de Mil Vietnams per Printing Freedom
  • milvietnams_def


«The illustration entitled ‘This is not my life’ makes a visual game with perspective, is shown on a flat support. A figure of impossible stairs in a third dimension. The artist presents the personal contradiction of the message transmitter, who, although is conscientious of his own life, is placed alien to the reality, living this duality and feeling as a simple spectator of the situation. So it’s accentuated the impossibility of the people who suffer a situation of freedoms, of planning scenes that let them be integrated again in a society that stigmatizes and makes chronic this buckle that condition them for life.»

Milvietnams is a graphic designer from Sabadell that works since 10 years in projects emerged from social movements of the State. His work, principally, try to link the graphic art and the typographic composition with the struggles for territory, using, in this manner, new ways of political communication mixing artistic concepts with social demands that emanates from the actual social context.

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Printworkers gave their place and imparted a spectacular workshop of introduction to serigraphy, where the participants learnt impression process and made their serigraphs on the bags designed by the illustrators.

Printworkers is a manual impression workshop, gallery and shop, located on Gracia neighbourhood. They offer a nice ambient of coworking and all the facilities for serigraphy and illustration.

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To Cristina Santa-Quiteria and Marga, for their photographs during the workshops;
To Xesco Pintó for putting voice on video;
To Patxi Mercader for recording and editing the video volume 0;
To Sepe Martínez for giving his recording studio and his time;
To Oriol Mendieta and Constança Schinteie, for their wise advices;
Thanks to Gustavo Sierra for translating this website into English;
And to all those people who, in any or other way, has contributed for making Printing Freedom a reality.